The ‘S’ Factor

SS1Silvio Simac exudes The ‘S’ Factor – Skill, Speed, Stamina and Strength. He is the champion among men – a World Gold Medallist, Personal Trainer, Fight/Stunt Choreographer and an Actor with a physique of an Adonis, plus sultry looks and a degree in Business Economics to boot!

He has achieved the pinnacle as an athlete by becoming a Taekwon-do World Gold Medallist, British Champion 14 times and European Champion 4 times. Achieving excellence and mastering a skill is only a dream for many but Silvio has made it a reality. It is this “Star” quality that makes him unique and subsequently has gained him success by landing roles in commercials, TV shows and the movies. His dedication, discipline skill and screen presence in addition to his charm and personality have reaped him increasing and continuous rewards in the entertainment industry and gained him respect and loyalty of fans.

10 years ago, Silvio exploded on to our TV screens as one of the Stars of Masters of Combat, a revolutionary BBC2 game show based around the martial arts. His credits extend to Eastern as well as Western cinema. Black Mask 2, Lexx, Unleashed, Dead or Alive, Undisputed 2, Knock Out and Transporter 3 are just a few of the more distinguished ones. He has expanded and acquired his experiences and expertise from Hollywood to Bollywood, Canada, Hong Kong and all across Europe.

SS3His acclaim reaches out further to stage; Silvio put on a spectacular martial arts display in The Dominion Theatre at The Royal Variety Performance for her Majesty The Queen and a “Martial Arts Spectacular” in The Royal Albert Hal” and Euro Disney. His work has taken him to all corners of the globe and given him the opportunity to work, train and interact with the World’s greatest. People like Tsui Hark, Cory Yuen, Luc Besson, Yuen Wo Ping, Lennox Lewis, Bob Hoskins, Jet Li, Rob Van Damme, Jackie Chan and Shannon Lee (Bruce Lee’s daughter).

Throughout the last 15 years that Silvio has been teaching martial arts and fitness, he has tirelessly striven to raise the profile of his sport through not only his competitive success but also throughout regular series of breathtaking demonstrations and public appearances often raising money for charities such as Shelter, UNICEF, Fighting for Cancer, Help a London Child, Romanian Orphans and numerous others.

It is Silvio’s iron will power, dedication, commitment, magnetism and success that has often gained him feature and front page articles in publications such as The Sun, FHM, Combat, The Daily Mirror and many other reputable journals. Silvio is a great ambassador to his sport and a good role model for many to follow.

With all these achievements under his belt Silvio Simac is destined to remain credible in the eyes of the sporting world yet raise his awareness as multi-talented performer.