Karate for Inner City Kids

KICK is a Gang Resistance Education And Training (GREAT) programme that combines the respect and discipline of karate with a structured curriculum of citizenship and life skills. The ultimate aim of the programme is to break the cycle of youth gangs, guns, knives and drugs through its’ innovative programme. The programme is delivered free to young people especially those at risk of crime and anti social behaviour.

To date 5,000 young people have engaged with the programme. There are currently 100 young people accessing the programme each week. Many of these come from disadvantaged homes and are at risk of offending and without KICK they would not be able to access any provision.

Mission and Objectives

kick-logoOur mission has several strands:
·         Provide structured personal development for young people
·         Engage young people with learning in an accessible environment
·         Reduce the pull of gang culture

Our broader business objectives are:
·         To create a pathway for personal development using martial arts, that can be replicated and delivered nationally


KICK has a structured curriculum and a customized learning agreement with ASDAN which is delivered in 6000 schools nationally…This curriculum provides a number of pathways for young people to receive GCSE accreditation up to and including AS level worth 70 UCAS points. This provides opportunities to increase educational attainment.There are various options, either a full or partial course of modular.


KICK has recently undergone a business development stragegy via the Yorkshire Venture Philanthropy programme. Their research suggests that this programme will make a huge difference to the lives of young people. As a result they are currently preparing an Awards for all Grant application to pilot the programme in four cities…London, Liverpool, Birminham, Nottingham…The programme will be evaluated in these cities and the results compared to the findings in Leeds..

If succesful then it is hoped that the government will then provide further support to enable all clubs and schools across the country to use this programme.

KICK was developed following extensive educational research at University of Huddersfield and a number of papers were written highlighting the benefits of MArtial arts to the mental, physical, spiritual and social well being of young people.